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Aakash Mazumder

Owner, The Wedding Memories

Hey there, welcome to The Wedding Memories, For us photography is the story that we fail to put into words.
Since two and a half years we are covering wedding ceremonies in various cities and gathering experience as well.

The cake gets eaten, the flowers die, but the photos last forever.

Come and Celebrate your date with us!


A perfect relationship isn’t ever actually perfect. It’s just that both people never give up...


One of the best parts about my fairy tale wedding is that even after months, I can go back to the huge gallery of photographs to relive every moment from the event. The Wedding Memories ensured they captured every beat of the wedding, painstakingly put them together and gave us an lifetime of cherish able moments. They are extremely professional, but they're even acute observers and imaginative visionaries. I possibly couldn't have asked for a better experience...

— Avirup Das Gupta

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